Advanced Psychic Medium Certification

“You already possess these great abilities! The world needs you, and we need you to be our voice.”
– J.T. Baptista

The Dragonfly Psychic Center Advanced Psychic Medium Certification Program is exclusively for Certified Psychic Mediums who have graduated from the Dragonfly Psychic Center Psychic Medium Certification program.

This is a year long program to take your psychic mediumship abilities and gifts to the highest level possible!

This program is conducted via Zoom.

What's included in this program:

Upon completion of the program, you will receive:

  • Monthly One-on-one meetings with your teaching guides to hone your clairs
  • Two monthly group training sessions to further hone your skills
  • Monthly partnering activities with other students in the program
  • Crystalline Activation for advanced healing of others and self
  • A Certificate of Completion (must pass assessment test)
  • Link to your website and contact information on the Dragonfly Psychic Center website
  • A “Certified Advanced Psychic Medium” badge for social media and websites

What will you learn throughout the program?

  • Advanced mediumship demonstration (gallery) training
  • Building confidence and overcoming fears of being wrong
  • Building your relationship with your guides and other high frequency energies
  • Exercises to strengthen your aura and energy field
  • Extensive mediumship practice
  • How to assist those with negative attachments, improving on cord cutting abilities.
  • How to be successful on the business side of psychic mediumship work.
  • How to better communicate to sitters on how understanding their past lives readings can help heal their present life trama.
  • How to handle skeptics and naysayers
  • How to set up and manage an Intuitive Business.
  • Improve your storytelling to give your sitter a better picture of who their loved one is now
  • Keeping frequency high in between readings
  • More tools to increase your connection and raise your vibration for deeper connection
  • Pushing your abilities to strengthen your mediumship messages
  • Refining and validating evidence from spirit for more accurate messages
  • Setting better intention for the clients who seek your services
  • Strengthen mediumship messages
  • Tapping into your Higher soul self to help you achieve your life’s purpose and goals.
  • Techniques to “turn on and off” your empathic abilities so your energy is conserved
  • Techniques to be more present for your sessions (and your life!)
  • Conducting H.O.P.E. Sessions
  • Tools to increase energy between sessions.
  • Understanding 3D, 4D, 5D, and other dimensions.
  • Understanding Akashic records and the history that has been lost.
  • Understanding soul families, how we can use our past and present roles to guide our future.
  • Using earth energies and crystals to heal and increase vibrations.


The cost for this program is $200 per month with a 1-Year commitment (You are welcome to stop at anytime, although to receive certification, you must be in the program for 12 consecutive months and pass an assessment test)

Please note: All participants will be required to sign a contract and code of ethics prior to the first group training. To view these documents, click here.

Registration for the 2023 Advanced Psychic Medium Certification Program is closed.

Please note: You must be a Certified Psychic Medium through the Dragonfly Psychic Center to participate.

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