Psychic Educator Certification

For Advanced Psychic Medium Certification graduates

Instructor: Sarina Baptista

The Call to Teach

Prerequisite: Advanced Psychic Medium Certification

This certification is for Dragonfly Psychic Center Advanced Psychic Medium Certification graduates who would like to teach others to tune in to their own psychic abilities!

Not certified yet? Click here to begin training as a psychic medium. Click here if you are already a graduate of the basic certification program and now need to take the Advanced Certification program

Please note: You must be a Certified Psychic Educator to use any of the Dragonfly Psychic Center class materials.

A Proven System

The Dragonfly Psychic Center program is proven to assist beginners and experienced psychic mediums and spiritual seekers to hone their gifts and expand their understanding and knowledge of life on earth and elsewhere. With over 15 years of experience, the system of teaching you will learn has been tested and proven to be effective for all levels.

Here is what you will learn in this program:

  • How to set up a successful spiritual teaching business
  • How to prepare for classes, both in person and online
  • How to run a Zoom class
  • How to create classes using the Dragonfly Psychic Center class syllabus and materials
  • How to set intention for classes and those attending classes
  • Effective marketing strategies to bring students to your classes
  • How to assess prospective students
  • Introduction to your Master Teacher team
  • How to work with your Master Teacher team
  • How to work with Multidimensional Teachers from other places in the Universe
  • How to create additional classes as new materials become available
  • How to create a Psychic Certification program
  • How to personalize your own materials and bring your own teaching style to your classes
  • How to lead meditations
  • How to set up class registration and advanced payment systems
  • How to solicit and set up volunteer sessions for students
  • How to set up student testing
  • How to set up a spiritual training website

At the end of this program, you will be a Certified Psychic Educator!

You will have access to all of the Dragonfly Psychic Center Psychic Certification program files, meditations, and materials to use in your classes. You will also have an extensive understanding of how to teach others about their own gifts.

You will also be recognized as a Certified Psychic Educator with a certification badge for your website and social media, and you will be listed on the Dragonfly Psychic Center training page as a Certified Psychic Educator with links to your training website.

Class Requirements

This is a twelve month program. You will be required to attend all classes during these twelve months or make arrangements for class make-up in advance of the training.

We will meet once a month as a group, and once a month one-on-one.

The class fee is $300 $200 per month – The Master Teachers have set the pricing for the first certification group at only $200 per month. Future certification groups will be $300 per month for twelve months. Payment plans are available! Teacher certifications for other psychic programs are in excess of $12,000 from start to finish. We want this to be affordable for those interested!

Because of the intricacies and complexities of the psychic work, it is imperative those reading for others have adequate training and understand the psychology of communicating the information with their clients. 

Spirit is everywhere! Teach others how to tune in with Spirit, and how to tap into their innate gifts!

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